Scartab is active within dismantling and demolishing, pre-treatment and sorting of electronic waste products, and in trading of waste products. For our business we are certificated; our environmental system according to ISO 14001:2004, quality system to ISO 9001:2008 and occupational health and safety management systems AFS 2001:1 and workplaces by OHSAS18001:2007.

In our delivery of projects we operate all over Scandinavia with demolition and dismantling as well as sorting and pre-treatment at our customer sites. The projects vary from anything from small switchboards up to large power plants with their transformers. We always plan our services in close cooperation with our customers in order to secure and fulfil legal and other demands.

At our plant in Svanvik the operation is performed on permanent treatment stations, which demand equipment and competence to enable a complete pre-treatment. The facilities regularly receive material from our customer based projects.

After the fractions have been sorted and pre-treated we forward them for optimal recycling and minimal combustion/deposit.


Our business concept is to perform these assignments in conformity with environment 
in a safe and cost effective way.

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